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The lighter side of running
Run Fat to Thin - the lighter side of running.
Running in Winter.
12/5/2012 8:46:24 PM

Today was like most Wednesdays. I got up, got the kids ready for school and dropped them off, walked home and had a look at the paper while drinking a coffee (black – fewer calories!). I then got my running gear on – my thicker dxb Ron Hills, Ron Hill Marino base layer, Paramo Cambio Base Layer over the top and Paramo Fuera Windproof over that – I put my ticker pair of Sealskin socks on, and today I also wore my hat and gloves. It had been snowing last night, so I couldn't wait to get going.

The Last Anglesey run of the season
10/30/2012 10:28:19 PM
Well, this morning I got up nice and early, had a cup of tea, talked rubbish to the kids and did as much as I could to delay - then it really rained for a few minutes, and I nearly chickened out. But then, I got ready, put the harness on the dog and ran off into the distance.
10/24/2012 10:05:55 PM
Just a quick update I've joined Movember to raise awareness of Prostate and testicular Cancer - I will be growing a moustache throughout November. Please Sponsor me....
How I lost 20kg in 11 weeks
10/23/2012 10:17:04 PM
Well, running played a big part in my loss of weight, but I used to run - in fact I ran loads, I've done a few marathons and everything. The main difference was I didn't eat loads!
Perfect Sunday morning.....
10/21/2012 10:17:03 AM

Wow – the perfect autumn morning on the Anglesey coastal path this morning – the view over to Llyn was spectacular with the clouds sitting at the bottom of the hills over the sea. I saw the wild goats and only one other person – lovely!

My first blog....
10/21/2012 12:36:54 AM
This is my first blog, so it's going to have to be really exciting and funny. So I thought I start by taking at look at my training schedule. Essentially I don't have one, but I do have a plan. The main bit of my plan is to stay thin now I've lost 20% of my body weight in the last two and a half months, the next bit is to do a few races and start to increase my distance. I'm going to be the 42 year old equivalent of a young stick insect!
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